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Board members:

Mr. K. Parthasarathy is the Founder & Director of ARAVANS. He conceptualized the ARAVANS concept along with a Board for ARAVANS. The Board of ARAVANS consists of 7 members. Among them 3 persons are Human Rights activist, 2 are Transgenders and remaining 2 are Physically challenged women. These Board members have worked among LGBTs for 6 years and have good rapports with LGBTs. They have basic knowledge on LGBTs issues. Having working experience with LGBT Mr. Parthasarathy formed ARAVANS with the support of the above experienced members. So it is a meaningful board, which has full of experts in the field of LGBTs.

Board member List

Sl.No Name Designation
1 R.Lalitha Managing Trustee
2 P.Thangameena Financial trustee
3 S.Bharathi Trustee
4 M.Murugan @ Divya Trustee
5 L.Siyamaladevi Trustee
6 K.Vijaya Trustee
7 M.Sivaneswari Trustee




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