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This being achieved with a five step developmental strategies MEALS – Motivating, Equipping, Accompanying, Linking, and Sustaining. MEALS serve as the guiding framework in our interventions. This involves:

Motivating – Motivating the community to come together and organise themselves for their development.

Equipping – Includes awareness generation on issues affecting their life, skills to manage and economic activities for income generation.

Accompanying – This is the support service that Aravan provides to the community through processes to enable them to achieve results.

Linking – Community is enabled to establish formal linkages with mainstream organisations, local governments, and other existing service providers.

Sustaining – Initiatives are sustained by accessing resources and services from mainstream institutions, establishing working linkages with stake holders, and promoting community support structures.


ARAVAN will pursue participatory approach in all stages of its journey towards empowering LGBTs. We insist also the approach that LGBT Community  should have both the commitment and will to promote a self-sustaining community through the principles of self-help, self-control, self-organization.

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