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What we do:

ARAVANS mission is executed through its ever-growing activities/programs, which empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals  through education, training, skill development, campaigns, advocacy, professional development, networking, and peer support.



Resource Centre: It is a Information Communication Technology (ICT) based centre. The data base of all LGBTs are recorded in this centre. All LGBTs can visit and approach this centre at any time for any information related to Health care, job opportunities, family oriented services and government welfare schemes more over counselling and legal services are also provided through this centre. Emergency services are also provided to victims who are affected by sexual harassment, abuse and any type harassment. Referral services are also available in this centre. So far 78 LGBTs are benefited through this centre.


Awareness & sensitization Program: To make aware & sensitize the Target people and stake holders on LGBT issues, problems and rights.

·         Rights awareness program was conducted among students in kalazalingam university, krishankovil . totally 90 students participated.

·         Rights awareness program was conducted among students, teachers and parents in government higher secondary school, palavantham. Totally 45 persons participated.

·         10 numbers of Rights awareness program were conducted for rural LGBTs in 10 villages. Totally 126 LGBTs participated .

·         2 sensitization programs were conducted among general public in 2 village. Totally 142 people participated.


Pilot Study: In this study 12 Numbers of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) conducted, in each FGD about 20 key LGBTs participated. The purpose for this FGD is for doing need assessment. In this discussion the problems issues and solutions were discussed. Also the needs of LGBTs in terms of health care, legal support, housing, ID cards, Government schemes were assessed and recorded. The socio, economic, cultural status of the LGBTs were also recorded and added with the data base in the resource centre. Based on this pilot study the strategies and activities of ARAVANS are designed.


Lobbying & Facilitation campaigns : In this campaigns the LGBTs give petitions to District Administration and concerned authorities to receive government welfare schemes, ID cards, Housing patta, Transgender pension, old age pension. These efforts are continually taken to protect their rights.


Gay Talks, Bi talks, Trans Talks: these Talks are conducted once in a month. In each talks 20-25 members are participating. In this events expert are invited. They explained about the resources available for LGBTs. The experts also provide remedies and solutions to the issues & problems of the group members (GAY, BI, or Trans). This is an open forum and the participants share their experience to each other and learn from one another’s experience. They clear their doubts on gender, sexual orientation.



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