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Panjammal and Subbu are two transgenders who are living together and they are above 65 years old. They are from Samusikapuram, Rajapalayam in Virudhanagar district. They lived a poor and pity life for a prolonged period over 45 years and both of them are illiterate. In their life they faced sexual harassment, exploitation by the sexual partners, no support from parents, friends and relatives, discrimination in public places & work places. They did dancing, sex, begging in markets, bus stands, train etc. , petty works for their livelihood. Any how they lived a deficit economic condition in their whole life. They experienced only the hard side of the life. They neither enjoyed life with happy and cheer nor lived with a protected living condition. They were cursed by neighbors for their sexual orientation and sexual profession.

They are living in a house surrounded by environment hazardous condition. Drainage with bad odor, dumped solid wastes and mass mosquito are surrounded their house. The local panchayat do not take care of these issues to free them from such environment hazardness. They felt that they are unwanted citizens to the mainstream society. Anyhow they lived with courage and confidence. One old age TG, named Iruli also lived with them. When this TG fall in severe illness they had no money and any other support for health care to her. But 6 months back that old age TG died. At that time these 2 TGs had no money to conduct the last ceremony of the TG. So the TGs need help and support in their whole life including their last ceremony.

By their vast experience in their life they decided to guide and support such young TGs & LGBTs who are living like them without any support and help. They invite TGs to their place and allow them to live with them. They provide food and accommodation to them during their stay. They shared the expenses with the income from begging, dancing etc. About 300 TGS & LGBTs came here and benefitted by Panjammal and Subbu. But at one stage the young TGs discriminated this old age TGs and left them lonely. Now, Panjamml is a priest in a local temple. The god in the temple worshipped only by the TGS. We appreciated their works and courage and praised for their selfless dedication in their lives for other affected TGs & LGBTs. In this old age stage they are living lonely without any care and support. They need financial and moral support for living their last days with peace.

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