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Current situation:

Problem of LGBT

Based on our survey we found that in Virudhunagar district about 4,000 LGBTs are living. Among them, Aravans working with 1128 LGBTs here.

THE ISSUE we identified among LGBTS in the district are as follows:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) face tremendous difficulties while growing up in a society where heterosexuality is often presented as the only acceptable orientation. Most of LGBTs are dependent on their families. They continue to face discrimination and exclusion in all spheres of life. Homophobic violence and abuse targeting LGBTs occur on a regular basis. In India, same-sex couples do not enjoy the same rights and protection as opposite sex couples, and consequently suffer from discrimination and are disadvantaged when accessing social protection schemes, such as health care and pensions because of inequality before the law. In the labour market, a majority of LGBTs continue to hide their sexual orientation or endure harassment out of fear of losing their job. Particularly vulnerable are young LGBTs who experience estrangement from family and friendship networks, harassment at school and invisibility which can lead in some cases to underachievement at school, school drop-out, poor health and homelessness.

Aravans wants to fight for their rights at policy level in the long run. Especially to fight against Indian Penal Code section 377 that criminalizes homosexuality and made it a punishable act. Lobbying with political parties and government departments and attempting to cause political action and networking with other LGBT organizations for collectively fighting for this. Equally, another immediate and important thing is to work with them to improve their livelihood by identifying viable business opportunities, facilitating credit linkages for their enterprise initiatives and providing marketing support as part of their economic strengthening initiative. Besides Aravans wants to reduce their health care risks / issues and to reduce the impact of violence, abuse, harassment against them with the help of ICT.





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